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July 07 2015

A ja? Ja poczekam jeszcze na swoją miłość. Może przyjedzie następnym pociągiem? Albo jeszcze późniejszym? A może nie przyjedzie wcale? Nie szkodzi, mam już wprawę w oczekiwaniu na pociągi, które nie przywożą nikogo.

— Krystyna Siesicka - "Zapałka na zakręcie"
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Analemma. The sun’s position in the sky, photographed from the same location at the same time of day throughout a year, forms an analemma. This shows the sun’s apparent swinging from its northernmost position, at the analemma’s uppermost point, at summer solstice, to its southernmost position/lowest point, at winter solstice.

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June 13 2015

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June 08 2015

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You had to stand there saying:

I love you, I love you, I love you
we’re soul mates, you and I, but that doesn’t mean it works
that doesn’t mean it works

that means my soul can’t bear to be without yours

but that doesn’t mean it works
— “You Couldn’t Just Leave?” Trista Mateer
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When you choose to be a poet,
when you choose to spill like this,
bleed like this, cry like this,
your pain becomes an exhibit.
A place for people to walk through
and then leave when they are ready.
No one ever asks a museum if it’s okay.
— Rudy Francisco, “Museum”
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June 06 2015

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